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You have an awesome responsibility to find compelling ways to build and leverage relationships that feel more natural, lead to more meaningful interactions, and therefore, are more effective at helping you reach your goals. Lisa will help you.


Lisa Patrick

Lisa Patrick

How to Forge Powerful Relationships and Sustainable Networks

Imagine if you had that critical missing piece to your success.  LEARNING exactly HOW to be authentic and genuine while you serve others.


You’re one business relationship away from success! It’s your most powerful currency!


Having an established network of relationships has become a critical part of our professional lives. Done right, you’ll provide yourself a range of benefits, including the exchange of knowledge, resources and ideas that can take you and your career to the next level and forge powerful and profitable business friendships along the way.

Continuing Education Credits – A Speakers Road Map to Profitability

Welcome to an action-packed, content-rich learning experience. Cut through the noise online, expand your reach, and be more profitable.


You’ve got all this expertise and you want to share it with the world, online. You’ve either thought about creating online courses or you’ve already created an online course. Unlike the field of dreams, you’ve built it but they didn’t come. The challenge is how do you get people to find and buy your course.

LIsa Patrick and Tom Hopkins
Lisa Patrick

How to turn continuing education into profit for your organization.

Think your employees are too busy to care about continuing education? Think again.


One of the key reasons for employee turnover is a lack of growth opportunities. 87% of millennials say professional development is important in their jobs.The speed of change in today’s business world is blistering. Fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development is critical in demonstrating to your employees that you recognize them as people with hopes, dreams, and convictions.

What You Can Expect When You Hire Lisa

  • Extremely active on social media PRE, DURING, and POST event. Lisa loves twitter, facebook, instagram and linkedin. She will help you build awareness before your event and during your event.
  • Supportive Post Event. you can depend on Lisa to provide you a testimonial regarding the success of the event and her relationship with you the meeting professional.
  • Flexible in meeting your creative needs for topic AND where she presents to her participants.
  • Is ready for disaster if it happens while on stage. Her law enforcement background has trained her to prepare for the unexpected and you can depend on her to take control of the audience if necessary.
  • Be Remembered, Impactful, and Purposeful.
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