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Lisa Patrick

Together we uncover opportunities for your thought leadership so that you are better equipped to generate more money and do more of what you love to do while creating a lasting impact for generations to come.




Considered the modern-day Nancy Drew, Lisa uses her investigative strategic approach in your thought leadership business, finding missing structures, and amplifying existing ones to grow your business and amplify your legacy. 






It’s me – Lisa.
I wear my investigation hat while working with the most recognized thought-leaders in the world who are looking to do the work to build a legacy. 
How can I help you?
My clients put on their thinking caps and WORK IT, connecting opportunity with success. Let me help you WORK ON your business and find new opportunities to make a lasting impact long after you are gone.

As a former Private Investigator, Lisa has a unique set of skills most advisors don’t have. She makes the complex, simple. 

A strategic thinker who is well known for her ability to investigate and look beyond the obvious, to help you pivot, adapt and amplify your brand and grow awareness to build a legacy for generations to come. 

Her clients love that she hops in the trenches with them, hold’s them accountable. She is fearless, scrappy, passionate, full of grit and unstoppable. No hurdle is too high and no ask is too small when looking to get a strategic edge on your future. 

Lisa is a pit bull. She grabs on and never let's go. She sees the bigger picture and creates opportunities in a way that most can’t. She is able to quickly evaluate our content, products and services and capitalize, by creating a new revenue stream that gave us the missing structure we needed. An entire new division from ideation to implementation at Micheal Burt Enterprises.
Monster Producer, Author, Executive Business Coach




Lisa patrick | make a connection with anyone without ever having to say a word.

For Your Next Event

Lisa Patrick brings her contagious personality to the online stage and creates lasting impressions. Lisa always makes the audience the star of her presentations.

The challenge for you is finding a though leader and a dynamic speaker. Lisa knows that you need to find  memorable presentations with a message that matters. Lasting impressions are what makes her the perfect fit to ignite your audience at your next event.

Whether you are looking to have Lisa as your next podcast guest, a virtual presentation, or live, tailored speeches to meet audience needs are a must. Reach out to Lisa about your next event.

Lisa is as passionate and engaging on stage as she is off stage. Lisa is committed to her audience's self-improvement and career success. Her message includes here experiences as an entrepreneur and real self-starter.
Hall of Fame Professional Speaker, Speech Coach, Presentation Skills Expert




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I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by 1000s of people, however I have to say Lisa was by far the best interviewer. Lisa supported my brand and mission. Lisa is an amazing woman and business leader!
Author, Speaker, Decorated Athlete, 4-way Amputee




If you are an executive, business leader, educator, speaker, author, expert, trainer or coach, I’ll help you to see beyond the obvious.

I believe that your relationships will make the difference in the results you’ll achieve, the impact you’ll have, and the speed in which you will make opportunities happen. 

I believe that you don’t have a strategic thinking problem, you have a strategic action problem. I believe most people are suffering from uncertainty about what specifically they should do, why they should do it and how to execute.

In order to accelerate business results, new offerings and make more money, you need someone who has an objective view. Someone who can see the big picture because they are standing outside of the frame. I will investigate and evaluate your business. Leverage my network and activate the necessary processes and systems, to strategize and help you pivot and execute. 

I help you Surpass the Competition by WORKING IT.

Create an adaptive advantage in your business 
Be EXTRAordinary  

I’m the daughter of a retired RCMP officer, who grew up as an only child on a grain farm in small town Canada. My experiences set the foundation of my Edge Learning skills. My dad taught me how to be adaptable when necessary and execute with XTRAordinary commitment and drive. My mom taught me it was ok to live in fear, but to be fearless in my convictions. Most importantly, I learned to value relationships more than anything else and that failure was a stepping stone for success.

My small town roots taught me that I always have a choice. Go with the flow or whine, complain and stress out. It’s the same choice business has. You have the choice to pivot and adapt, to create the strategy to execute to attain an adaptive advantage. 

You need to build your brand, keep up with competition, and always being willing to step outside of your comfort zone. As a strategic planner and thinker, I have a unique ability to read the signals of change. I am in the trenches with you investigating when you need to pivot, adapt and execute to reach your goals.  

Lisa Patrick | Strategic Thinker
Lisa Patrick | Finding the missing structures in your business.

Make you the opportunity

I’ve been working with some of the most influential personalities, speakers, top experts, post secondary educators and executives wearing many hats, including taking an idea from conception to fully operational.  Helping with optimization of organizational structure, reducing organizational complexity, aligning decision making, and strengthening ownership. 

The more I helped others, it became clear to me that, in today’s world, everyone needs a strategic thinker who can wear multiple hats while they investigate their business and make the invisible visible for them and get paid by executing on the strategic opportunities. And I can do that for you. 

Lisa is the one person that I know I can trust to make me uncomfortable so I am challenged to see things I hadn't before. Her 'tell it like it is' attitude forces me to adapt and pivot when necessary. She is unique because she never gives up on me and she is always willing to hop in the trenches with me and gets me results.
Serial Entrepreneur
Lisa is synonymous with excellence and integrity. She is a visionary with an intuitive ability to take action in my business and make me money. I'm proud to be her partner.
Founder "The Platinum Rule' & Assessments24x7, Prolific Author, Behavioral Expert


In order to WORK IT into your thought leadership business, you need to WORK ON your business,
focus on strategy using this unique process. 

In business, change is constant. 
Join a round table of thought leaders, just like you who are creating new opportunities to grow your thought leadership business and build a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Lisa is focused, relentless and results-driven. Every WORK IT strategy was monetized with a direct path to profitability. She has delivered every time. In fact, over-delivered and exceeded my expectations.
Public Engagement Consultant


Questions uncover challenges, history, who you are and what your needs are. Where you are today vs. where you want to be. Connection will help to get to the results faster.

make a Connection with Lisa Patrick
find the missing structures | VIsion | Lisa Patrick


While you are able to ‘see things through’, you're unable to see beyond the obvious and ‘see through things’. I will challenge you to see the adjacent possibilities and create new opportunities.


Making the invisible visible. You can't see the whole picture from inside the frame. Implement the strategic thinking process to help you amplify and adapt and pivot when required.

Making the invisible visible. The complex business strategies simple. Lisa patrick
Knowledge Process at Lisa Patrick

Knowledge Process

The road map for your business strategy. Leverage my network and collaborate with others to bring your goals within grasp.



Join me and and an exclusive community of thought leaders, dedicated to elevating and challenging each other to achieve new levels of greatness and being distinctively unforgettable.

Thought Leaders Roundtable


Over 90 days, you’ll have virtual access to me ( encouragement, guidance, tough love), my systems and processes, resources, my network, and the exact amount of accountability you need to get you out of your own way. All so you can take massive action to move the needle on where you want to be in your life and business this year.

EACH ROUNDTABLE HAS 6 SEATS ONLY. 9 virtual sessions (one hour each) that will elevate you and your thought leadership business.

3 Fireside Chats (one hour each) with world-class entrepreneurs
6 Round Table Discussions (one hour each) with your TLR peers 
Each session hones in on a single topic, technique, tool or idea, and includes collaborative Hot Seats to solve your biggest challenges and celebrate the wins.

Lisa is steadfast in being a connector, a linchpin. Constantly pushing the status quo, seeing beyond the obvious for us, thinking outside the box for us. Her, “how might we...” can do attitude, even if the end goal seems ambiguous is a strength of Lisa’s. She has a unique ability to investigate the potential and communicate the value of differentiating innovations for everyone involved and has created new business and opportunity for new revenue streams for us.
Associate VP Disruption Culture & Transportation - NorQuest College


Lisa Patrick


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