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Lisa understands that your personal brand story and your company brand story are different but one fuels the other. I've left the C-Suite and have found the perfect combination of a tech junky, execution wizard, and connection master.
Author, Character Triangle, Chief Belonging Officer, Culture Expert
Lisa valued my brand. She is the most enthusiastic partner, I've ever had the privilege to work with. An excellent 'brainstormer', who I could rely on every time to take pro-active and reactive action on those ideas.
Sales Legend, New York TImes Best Selling Author




Like It Or Not, You Have A Digital Presence

Do you know what it is?

Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your personal brand.

Step Up, Stand Out

We know what it feels like to be overlooked as a leader. The competition creates noise and confusion distracting the focus away from your talent. Harness the power of your reputation and presence in your unique way to stand out.

Step Out, Not Down

We know what it feels like to worry about your identity when your role title is gone and you’ll no longer have the team to back you up. You’ve demonstrated you have great skill and brilliance, but will others recognize it outside the walls of your business?



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When others, like Lisa integrate and champion your brand
you will know your life matters.

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The Audit

Evaluate the brand others are actually experiencing from you and opportunities for innovation and growth.

Discover Your Super Power

Tap into your unique skills, knowledge, experiences and passion.
Focus on your greatness.

Finding you more time and money | Strategic thinking made simple. Lisa Patrick
find the missing structures | VIsion | Lisa Patrick

Gain Clarity

Eliminate confusion. Don't be left behind, even when you think no one is looking.

Brainstorm The Brand

Take simple steps to start, build, and enhance your personal brand.

Knowledge Process at Lisa Patrick

Create The Roadmap

Build a critical roadmap to launch. The key to your personal brand strategy.


Execute. Execute. Execute.
Monitor. Test. Adapt. Execute.
You'll never be left alone.

Lisa got me off my hamster wheel immediately and on the right path to success. She got me, my voice, and my mission. She not only re-invented my personal brand but also helped me launch my first book. I learned more about what I didn't know in the first hour than the 100K I spent over the past few years with other marketing firms.
Author, Life Coach, Exhale The Bullshit Expert




Strategize, guide, advise, integrate. Serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker, leader, and former private investigator (not the Sherlock Holmes kind) Lisa has a unique set of skills most advisors don’t have.

Known for her unique ability to quickly make complex principles simple and then execute, so entrepreneurs can reach their full potential in their business.

Fearless, scrappy, passionate, full of grit, and unstoppable. No hurdle is too high and no ask is too small when looking to get a strategic edge on your future.


It’s me – Lisa.
I’m considered your
‘modern-day’ Nancy Drew.

How can I help you?

Get the clarity and the right resources required to
build and scale your brand.


Lisa is steadfast in being a connector, a linchpin. Constantly pushing the status quo, seeing beyond the obvious for us, thinking outside the box for us. Her, “how might we...” can do attitude, even if the end goal seems ambiguous is a strength of Lisa’s. She has a unique ability to investigate the potential and communicate the value of differentiating innovations for everyone involved and has created new business and opportunity for new revenue streams for us.
Associate VP Disruption Culture & Transportation - NorQuest College




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Lisa is as passionate and engaging on stage as she is off stage. Lisa is committed to her audience's self-improvement and career success. Her message includes here experiences as an entrepreneur and real self-starter.
Hall of Fame Professional Speaker, Speech Coach, Presentation Skills Expert


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