Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

Tracy Schmitt | Coffee With Lisa Podcast | Hosted by Lisa Patrick

Tracy joins Lisa and shares her story, how as a 4-way amputee she became an accomplished swimmer, diver, skier, and highly competitive sailor. Oh, did I mention Tracy Schmitt was born a 4-way amputee? Success depends onĀ  perseverance. As an award winning leader in business and in sport she is now earned the title #1 […]

Jerry Acuff

Jerry Acuff | Coffee With Lisa Podcast | How to stop selling and get results.

Jerry Acuff, top 5 sales expert in the world at one time was 125K in debt, and hated selling. So what did he do? He did the only other thing he knew, he coached football and taught English with a dream of making it into coaching college football. But then he cracked the code on stopping […]

Chelsea Krost

Chelsea Krost | The Coffee With Lisa Podcast | Lisa Patrick

Want to know the secret to marketing to millennials? How to tap into the millennial mindset and be profitable. ‘You need to think mobile and social media first is a must if you want to get a piece of the billion dollar pie’, says Chelsea. Millennials are an economic force! With $200B in annual buying […]

Merril Hoge

Merril Hoge | NFL | Coffee With Lisa Podcast | Lisa Patrick

Football, Cancer and Open Heart Surgery ALMOST killed him! Merril found a way to live a dream and fight to live. Merril continues to find ways to accomplish and overcome all that challenges he faces and the goals he wants to achieve. He is committed to maximizing his Edge Learning skills and talents by hard […]