About Lisa Patrick

Lisa Patrick

Edge Learning | Speaker | Mentor | Strategist – Accelerating Businesses Around the World

Working with some of the most recognized thought-leaders in the world, has given Lisa the opportunity to showcase her passion and unique skills to see beyond the obvious and create opportunities that others miss!

Lisa is a successful serial entrepreneur.  Known for her passion and relentless nature as the ‘Queen of Persistence and a Powerhouse Connector,’ Lisa has the privilege to work with leading influencers, personal brands and companies such as Grant Cardone, Tom Hopkins, and Sharon Lechter. Her innate ability to make a connection, create strong wealth-building, life changing long-term relationships also has her working with Hall of Famers’ like Patricia Fripp, Jim Cathcart and Tony Alessandra to name a few.

As a business development strategist, Lisa draws on her business experiences to help her clients overcome their challenges and get results.

She never takes refuge in denial, always plays offence, and captures more than her share of tomorrow’s opportunities. Lisa is genuine, relentlessly optimistic, innovative and future-focused.