How to leverage your unique value proposition and get results

Discover your unique value proposition - lisa patrick

How To Leverage Your Unique Value Proposition and Get Results Whether you are aiming to connect with people and build on your relationship capital, attract customers, or fuel growth, setting yourself apart is key.  This is where your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) comes into play – it acts as the fingerprint, that lays the foundation […]

How to Measure Relationship Capital: Return on Relationship and More

The extent of achievement in both life and business is intricately linked to our self-awareness and our ability to integrate our unique essence (our BRAVURA) into the fabric of the relationships we form with others. The art of the deal, fostering relationship capital, requires human interaction, solid communication skills and emotional connection.  However, how can […]

How to start a business. Don’t build an MVP.

Thinking of starting up? Don’t build an MVP | Lisa Patrick

Thinking of starting up a new business? Don’t build an MVP. You’ve got a wealth of knowledge. You’ve been in the corporate trenches long enough to see the gaps in the market. You’re now contemplating a ‘start-up’. By now, you’ve stumbled upon the idea of building an MVP to address the gap. Time to launch […]

5 people Who Shouldn’t Ever Hire a Consultant to Build Their Personal Brand

personal brand |lia patrick

 It didn’t come as a surprise when a VP of one of the fastest-growing companies asked, “Lisa, can I really talk about and promote my new thriller as an author, on LinkedIn, considering I am the head of security and fraud at my company? Another retired CEO of a publicly traded company, now sitting on […]

How Mental Toughness is The Key to Getting Results

Mental Toughness - Craig Berube with Lisa Patrick

From last place to Stanley Cup. The St. Louis Blues are a living, breathing example of how important mindset management and mental toughness are to a team. In sports, mental toughness is defined as the ability to focus on and execute solutions, especially in the face of adversity. The team and its coach could write a book on it.  Craig Berube, coach […]

How to Build Killer Relationships with Anyone

Disc profiler deck | Lisa Patrick

Nothing prepares you less for networking events than law enforcement college. While a law enforcement education helped me hone many skills, actively initiating casual conversations in informal settings was not one of them. Many people who’ve seen my videos on various social networks, heard me speak on podcasts or have seen me speak live are […]

How to be unforgettable every time.

How to be unforgettable.

Picture a person you consider to be successful. Whoever comes to mind will depend on who you are and how you define success. Ask a hundred different people to picture a successful person and you’ll get a hundred different answers. What those hundred different people will have in common is this: not one will struggle […]

Why Strategic Thinking Is Your Most Valuable Asset

strategic thinking Lisa Patrick

How often have you heard this about strategic thinking, ‘think bigger picture and be more strategic?’ Strategic thinking enables a business owner to determine how to optimize people, networks and resources most effectively to advance the company toward its objectives. Strategic thinking is understanding the big picture and it’s a strategic thinking mindset. “Making the invisible, visible.” – […]

What is Edge Learning?

What is Edge Learning

Edge Learning is the core ingredient for success professionally and personally. Your Edge Learning skills have the most power and impact on your ability to grow, lead, influence, motivate, and make money.  In order to not just survive, but thrive, you must be an Edge Learner. Edge Learners have adopted a growth mindset where they […]