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The Continuing Education Provider (CEP) process is a proven way for subject matter experts, content providers, post secondary institutions, influencers, business leaders, speakers, coaches and trainers to create new or bring together all the elements of their Edge Learning existing professional development programs, get approved for CE credits  and generate more money.

I knew that getting my content accredited would add value and be an opportunity to create new leads for my business. But I had no idea where to begin, UNTIL I met Lisa. She got my content accredited so I could offer CE credits to CPHR professionals - from start to finish 3 days!!
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Business leaders, professional speakers, trainers, educators, authors, coaches; any professional looking to create online courses, workshops, retreats and/or get current offerings accredited to offer CE credits. You become the CE Provider.

Post Secondary Institutions

You need to find more profitable ways to generate more revenue, get provider approvals for existing programs, and create new opportunities to gain more influence.


You've recognized that you need a recertification program or you're looking for more expert content to grow your catalogue, gain more credibility, influence, increase membership, add member value and generate more money.


You have existing training programs or looking to create one. You need more expert content from those real-world experience experts to help you up-skill and re-skill, increase employee engagement and retention and improve over all performance which results in higher productivity and more profits.



Your provider program enables you to tap into real-world experiences. Get results faster and more efficiently. Deliver on what the learner needs Leverage influence, authority and credibility. Get more business.


Get accreditation for your experience and expertise from the accrediting bodies that are mandating professionals learn hours of training, earn multiple recertifications, and earn continuing education (CE) credits or (CEU) units.


Create more opportunities to do more business. Collaborate with invested parties towards the common goal: gain more influence faster, leverage credibility and authority, get more strategic partners and make more money.


Just a few of the industries I've obtained approvals at:
Not only did Lisa get my content accredited so I could offer CE credits to CPHR professionals, she helped me create an entire operational system and process to deliver, certify and maintain the program under my brand.




Continuing Education Provider Process is the fastest way to create effective training programs and the only way you can deliver continuing education credits when required. The CE provider approval activates your authority.  


Discovering more about you and your business. What is your value add proposition? What types of education opportunities (live, online) that others can learn from you? What do you want to get from your CE Provider program?

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Taking a deeper dive into market sector and industry opportunities. Determine the who the appropriate accrediting bodies are and what continuing education provider opportunities exist. We set the deliverables.

Brainstorm Your Playbook

Create the road map of the best credit deliverable opportunities in your business, and how you will leverage the continuing education credit approvals.

Knowledge Process

Get the applications moving and the approvals aligned to your brand. Make the necessary go-to-market strategies.


Execute and stay on track. We’re in the trenches with you, monitoring and helping you quarter by quarter filling in the gaps, from where you are today to where you want to be.

I started the process on my own and soon realized that I needed Lisa's help to navigate the complexity of all the different States submission criteria, approvals and compliance reporting in one vertical never mind the additional industries I was looking to seek approval in.


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