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Looking to expand your influence? Contact more people in productive ways? ???? ???????? ??? ?????????????? ?? ??? ???????????!

When you speak with confidence, when you’re friendly and specific with your words … people are much more attentive to and interested in what you have to say. People will catch on to your attitude quickly. They are more attracted to the right attitude.

⁣What you don’t have to do is exert your energy into convincing someone to believe in that ‘something you’re saying’, for you to influence them. It’s logical.

Don’t people have to understand and believe you in order to influence them? I say, NOPE …. And let me explain, cause this is where your about to get a huge breakthrough.

The last thing I know you want to do is come off to others as pushy, needy or even desperate. The truth is ?????? ???’? ???? ?? ??????? ??? ?? ????? ?? ?? ?????????? ?? ???.

I know, what you are thinking! Just keep reading… this is the breakthrough part…

People need to believe, that YOU BELIEVE in what YOU are saying.  This is the way to get them to be influenced by you.

Once they believe you, you open up the door for you to get them to see “beyond the obvious” and discover that ??? ??? ????? ???????????.

This is the threshold that needs to be met in order to influence. Focus only on getting people to believe how deeply invested YOU are in what you’re doing. Whether it’s a cause, your product, your service, your point of view… Only then are you really truly persuading them because you’ve made the invisible, visible for them.

However, if you always try to get people to believe everything you’re saying, what you do is you come across uncertain of your position, which gives THEM more certainty.

No matter how compelling the vision or how brilliant the strategy, without your certainty, your leadership and your influence, there is no execution of any kind.

Be great,


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