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Shit happens or shift happens.

John Rankins is someone who has been in business for more than 30 years and survived and thrived in economic crisis before.

How can you shift your perspective and turn crisis into opportunity?

I realized at an early stage, that life’s not fair.
Sometimes shit happen in life, and it can suck.
I didn’t have an easy life.

🚫No dad
🚫Living on food stamps
🚫Absent mom struggling to put food on the table.

My brother and I had to step up.
We worked at night sorting through trash and saving anything that could be recycled to make extra money to help pay the rent.

My older brother and I had to take extra jobs so my mom could pay the rent, so we didn’t get kicked out of our house. Not evicted, kicked out of our house.

We were exhausted.

What drove me to push through it was the fact that I HATED poverty.

It didn’t matter that I was tired, I was hungry, or I was sleepy. I knew I had to push through it.

I had to get off my ass and do the work – blood, sweat, and tears.

Today I reap the rewards of my harvest. I have an awesome team and career because of the challenges I overcame.

I’ve been tried and tested and I discovered my strengths and true potential. I learned how to run a business and I learned how to sell.

Now, I use my skills to make millions for myself and my clients.

Shift happens.

Meet John:

John Rankins is the Author of the International Best Selling Life Mastery Playbook, Founder of Business Money Mastery, and President of Optimo International. Known for his entrepreneurial focus on sales and leadership training, John’s mission to develop leaders and change lives is the reason he’s one of the most sought after business trainers alive today.

John is passionate about revolutionizing businesses. His sales and training expertise has built over 2000 people’s businesses over the last 25 years with businesses generating over $100,000,000 in revenue.

He has trained over 10,000 people in sales and leadership.
Today, he has 4,000 full time salespeople distributing products that vary from skin care cosmetics to car care. His world class programs transform people’s lives both personally and professionally, doubling sales in more than 20 companies in less than 90 days in the last year alone.

One of the many things that makes John passionate about helping others is his belief that every single person matters. He wants everybody to know that they can make a difference. Fueled by this, John created a movement to fund 1000 smiles for Operation Smile. All online proceeds from his online business go directly to this movement.



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