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Struggling to start-up or scale-up your business? Advance your career? Are you willing to learn more about those Edge Learning Skills necessary to get more out of life? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then the #CoffeeWithLisa podcast is for you! Lisa and her EXTRAordinary guests, those world-leading thought leaders are here to help you surpass your full potential. Learn from their real-life experiences, resources and expertise.

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Coffee with lisa podcast ep 46 _ Michael Solomon

Michael R Solomon

Understanding and shaping consumer behavior in the new normal. What does that look like? No one has a crystal ball to tell us what the future will hold. However, we can make some educated guesses. Michael joins me to open season 3 of the Coffee With Lisa podcast to discuss what he believes are some of the fundamental human motivations that are likely to drive preferences and behaviors in The New Normal.

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Lois Creamer Coffee With Lisa Podcast | Lisa PAtrick

Lois Creamer

We know COVID-19 almost certainly changed the way you run the show. How are speakers navigating this new way of doing business? What are some new or alternative ways to grow your speaking business? Tune in to find out more about why if you’re not selling speeches now, you and your customers are falling behind! More about Lois:Lois Creamer is known as a stand-out consultant in the speaking industry. The National Speakers Association has leveraged her expertise and services at every chapter in the United States as well as at their conventions, conferences, and workshops. She has also presented at events hosted by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers local chapters and conventions, and Global Speakers Association. Professionals in the speaking industry come to her when they seek a recognized industry expert.

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ryan foland coach micheal burt coffee with lisa patrick podcast

Ryan Foland and Coach Micheal Burt

Do you have an extremely difficult time communicating who you are, how you help in simple terms? The right message will make a connection with others. You need to fine-tune your message to get a torrential downpour of new clients and buy-in from others. Can you boil down your messaging into 3 sentences, down to 1 sentence, and ultimately to 3 words? ‘??? ????????? ??? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?????? ?????? ??? ???? ???? ????????,’ says Ryan Foland. ‘???? ??? ???? ?? ???, ??????????? ?? ????????, ?? ???? ?? ? ????-??????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ????????,’ says Coach Micheal Burt.  In this episode of Coffee With Lisa, Lisa, Ryan, and Coach Burt walk you through their systems to help you refine and build a message that will resonate with anyone. 

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Burn The Ships Lisa Patrick Matt Manero Judge Graham

Matt Manero and Judge Graham

Discover the 3 profitable techniques that no one is telling you how to scale your business, here on the Coffee With Lisa Podcast. Matt Manero, funded 1BILLION in assets & 150+MIL in revenue. Judge Graham, 100+ MIL in revenue … These two titans in business now EXACTLY how to nail and scale it. You want to grow your business the fastest way possible with the least amount of challenges. The experiences of these two men will help you to find a way to immediately implement.  They’ve taught themselves how to succeed in scaling revenues and profits and are ready to share their tips and techniques with you. The Burn The Ships roadmap has three phases: grow, profit, and win. Founders of the Burn The Ships Mastermind. You can learn more about them at https://ww.burntheships.com

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Steve Sims Wizard of Oz Lisa Patrick Coffee with lisa podcast

Steve Sims

‘You don’t drown when you fall into the water, you only drown when you stay in the water.’ – Steve Sims Bring your paper and pen and don’t forget your questions. There will be no pussyfooting around during this cup of coffee as we discuss the bluefishing mindset. From bricklayer to cracking the code on how to make experiences stick in the minds and hearts of others. Author of Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen, On his journey, Steve discovered many truths. Steve believes that:1. you need to erase the word ‘failure’ from your vocabulary. There are only discoveries in your path to creating wins for yourself and others2. obstacles are always self-invented 3. passion is your currency4. listening more, speaking less5. there is great power in asking why three times

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Patricia Fripp Coffee With Lisa Podcast

Patricia Fripp

When Your Message Must Be Memorable, Your Presentation Powerful, And Your Sale Successful You Call Patricia Fripp Presentation Skills Expert! Why? Because you want a competitive advantage. Hall of Fame Professional Speaker, Fortune 500 speech coach and considered by many as the trailblazer in the speaking world, Patricia Fripp simplifies and demystifies the process of preparing and presenting powerful, persuasive presentations. Join me and Patricia on the #CoffeeWithLisa podcast and discover what it takes to build a world class speaking business and memorable business presentations. https://youtu.be/WEBwnsoRscM

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