Speakers Road Map

Continuing Education Credit Programs

Cut through the noise online, expand your reach, and be more profitable.

You’ve got all this expertise and you want to share it with the world, online. You’ve either thought about creating online courses or you’ve already created an online course. Unlike the field of dreams, you’ve built it but they didn’t come. The challenge is how do you get people to find and buy your course.

The solution is continuing education credit approvals.


A Speakers Road Map To A Profitable Speaking Business


Would it interest you to know that there is 100’s of 10,000’s of professionals who are mandated to take 100’s of 1000’s of hours of training online and live every year? And YES, those people are sitting in your audience at every speaking event you walk on stage for!


Are you serving them their continuing education credits? Sounds like a great place to start. When you learn how to build a process and system that will eliminate time and get results, you will monetize your efforts, expand beyond the stage and be more profitable.


Remember, when folks with certifications and licenses don’t meet their recertification deadlines, they will loose their certifications and licenses and their jobs. You want to make sure you give them access to you and their credits at anytime from anywhere.


In this session, you will walk away with the exact process of how to position your expertise for continuing education credits.


Lisa will cover the following in her session to help you better:

  • Learn more what is continuing education credits and how it helps you to get paid speaking engagements
  • Understand the value proposition & fundamentals of a continuing education credit program
  • Discover the importance of ‘the how to’ filter and organize your network and email databases
  • Expand your reach
  • Recognize the actual prospect size of the captive audiences in different industries
  • Market your program with the ‘EXIT’ strategy to get more clients.


Working with some of the most recognized influencers like Grant Cardone, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Patricia Fripp; has given Lisa the opportunity to showcase her unique skill to see opportunities that others miss! These relationships have also provided her insights into the distinctive points of view of risk and opportunities facing today’s expert and they’re speaking/coaching businesses. These experiences have contributed to her success!


She offers you more creative solutions that combine her experiences, intimate sector knowledge, and clear insights into how to create value in your brand and your business. She never takes refuge in denial, always plays offence, and captures more than her share of tomorrow’s opportunities.