Jim has always been a firm believer that you can teach a person anything, with the lone exception being purpose. Someone’s purpose, or the “why” behind their behaviour, particularly in a work setting, is entirely individual.

Jim Martyn, VP for The Canadian Brewhouse joins Lisa to discuss how to hire right. The Canadian Brewhouse of companies is rapidly expanding with 1000’s of employees and looking to grow internationally in the next 5 years, Jim has figured out the perfect combination of process and people skills to hire right.

While Jim believes you cannot decide or influence someone’s purpose, you can most definitely find alignment between personal and organizational purposes.

When your company is aligned with your people, and vice versa, magic happens. Work becomes play, challenges become opportunities, and the insurmountable seems not only achievable, but in reach! MORE ABOUT JIM: Jim believes People, it’s what matters. It’s this mantra that has helped the success of the Canadian Brewhouse, Plantlife and The Banquet.

It is my belief as a Human Resources Professional that understanding our workforce is the first and most important step to running a profitable business. Purpose drives behaviour. I am fortunate to have spent the better part of the past decade with a company and executive team that passionately shares their purpose with their employees.

In working with The Canadian Brewhouse, Banquet Bar, and Plantlife Canada this past 8 years, I have had the opportunity to learn about legislation in various provinces, best practices in employee engagement and performance management, many different succession planning models, and policy creation and implementation through effective change management practices.