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Sherry Gideons is a mother of four, grandmother, and fun-loving force to be around. A transformational keynote speaker, bestselling author, spiritual teacher, life mastery consultant, health and wellness expert, and expanded woman business network founder. Sherry has 2 podcasts and live shows, The High Vibe Nation & Expanded Woman Network Podcast along with over 30 years of experience guiding individuals and groups to living better health, greater happiness, and peak performance.

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In case we have another pleasure meeting, my name is Lisa Patrick, and I’m your host and I have a really special guest today. But before I introduce Sherry to you, I have a few things that I want to talk about. First of all, we go and set we go live right here coffee with Lisa, several Facebook pages LinkedIn, and YouTube. So we I don’t ask for any money, any sponsorship. But what I do ask is that you help us grow our audience and sharing is caring folks. So please help us out grow the audience. Let’s help others. Today on the coffee with Lisa, so show. So Sherry Gideons is my guest today.


And she is a strategic thinker. She is a mover and a shaker. And she’s got a survival story for us that is unlike anything I have ever heard of before. I have met a lot of people in my life, but nobody Have I ever met that is a survivor like Sherry. So I want to introduce Sherry welcome to the show.

Sherry Gideons  1:34 

Thank you. Oh, my God, thank you for having me.

Lisa Patrick  1:36 

Absolutely. I you know what, tell us a little bit about yourself, where you come from, I know you’ve got books, and you’ve, you’ve been a master life coach for years, you’ve coached thousands of people across the country and the globe. But who is Cherie, tell us a little bit more about your story, Sherry?

Sherry Gideons  1:54 

Well, I am a person who loves people for who they are. And really my life story is all about coming to that realization in myself. First, I had to figure out how to love Sherry first, and find out who she was, and what her higher purpose and calling is. And what that is, is to help people of all ages, tap into their own greatness, raise their frequency in the now and to really be happy.

Lisa Patrick  2:26 

Yep. And you know what you said something very, very pertinent. before the show started, we were talking about possibilities and opportunities and some of the things that are happening with COVID. And, and opened the eyes for people. But you said in the now and that’s really kind of important. Can you tell us more about what you mean by in the now?

Sherry Gideons  2:47 

Well, I get to realize yesterday is over and tomorrow has not yet occurred. And the now is being aware of how you’re being in yourself. Because so many of us as human beings are unconscious, and aware that what we’re being is putting out a vibe, that five turns into a vibration. And that vibration extends into a frequency. Everything in the universe is sound waves, its music, it has its own tone. And when we’re being from a feeling within ourselves through the moments of moments, throughout today, we’re pooling to us an experience, we’re pulling to us an environment, and that environment is the effect of the cause of what’s happening inside of us. And we ask that question all the time as human beings, we’re like, Why do these things always happen to me?


Lisa Patrick



Sherry Gideons  3:48 

Yes. And that’s our habit, our habit, so much of that is unconscious to us. So as a result of those habits, we’re pulling experiences into the now that are a mirror of who we are a mirror of who we’re being. That’s what I mean by living in the now.


Lisa Patrick  4:08 

Yep. And so what happens if you look in the mirror sharing, you don’t like what you see?


Sherry Gideons  4:13 

Well, you have to be willing to take baby steps because I call it pockets of time in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, it’s just like brushing your teeth, or in the habit of brushing your teeth. What does it do it it serves you it’s a habit that keeps your gums clean, and your teeth performing for you and it stops bad breath. Let’s put it that way.


Lisa Patrick  4:38 

It does and you know when be virtual, I just had this conversation the other day we were in a conference and I said the greatest thing about being in a virtual conference speaking or attending is no bad breath.


Sherry Gideons  4:51 

Yes. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. But the point being is is that when you recognize You know that there’s something in front of you a mirror if you don’t like yourself. And then you got to change that belief, you have volition, you have choice. And the first step in all of that is realizing that you’re mighty moving power, that you have this, this oneness, this essence, of magnificence, that’s within you. And so take a moment to shift that around. If you don’t like yourself, look at yourself in the mirror. And start simple by saying, You know what, I love you. You’re amazing. And take that habit every single day and grow it grow its power, planted seed and water that seed through the moments of today, daily walk into the bathroom, you go to use the bathroom, you look at yourself in the mirror, and you say, Hey, you, I love you. You’re amazing.


Lisa Patrick  5:56 

Well, it’s those tiny little affirmations of yourself, right? Like to help you keep a little nudge forward each and every time. And I think, you know, a Larry would probably tell us, he’s on the show right now. Hi, Larry. Hey, Larry would tell us. Thanks, Larry. I know, we know. We’re rock star there. I think the biggest thing is, is that I think we should take off and would you agree with this, and I want you to tell me more about this. We need to take tiny bite sized nudges, towards making those changes so that when we do look in the mirror, we’re happy with what we see. Because happiness at the end of the day, I mean, we only have one chance at life. And if we’re not happy, then we’ve got to make change the story. And we are the narrator’s of our own story, right?


Sherry Gideons  6:46 

Heck, yeah. I mean, we’re literally the actresses, the actors, loosers, we’re the directors, we are the ones that are creating this reality, this experience for ourselves. And, you know, let me take you back to where it all started. For me, I started in the building industry. And you know, I came up during the evolution of the 80s, this industry competed all over Europe, came back to the US. And the industry was really getting its start for women. And, of course, you know, the beaten path. They wanted women to have more muscle. And so of course, in myself, I had this belief system that I had to be perfect, that there was something wrong with me. And that was my habit, my program at the time. And so as a result of that, what happened was, is I began to follow what others said I needed to do to be true to me, which was use steroids. Eventually, I went in from steroids to drugs.


And before I knew it, I was 78, between 78 and 87 pounds, couldn’t even see it was a lifeless skeleton. And I was asking the question, so many of us asked, Why am I here? What am I meant to do? What is my purpose? And then the typical questions so many of us ask, Is this all there is to life and pain. And it resulted for myself in a near death experience. But that near death experience, as Lisa said earlier, one, it opened me up to the realization of who each and every one of us is that I’m not just this one special person in this universe of human beings. All that and every single one of us has the power, we’ve been given this power, but we need to understand how to use it rightly, in a way that serves us.


Lisa Patrick  8:41 

Yeah, absolutely. I think i think that a lot of people get scared and confused and worried, not so much worried, but don’t know how to tap into that power and how to really use it is a lever in their in their life, right? How do they amplify their life? How do they tune into that higher frequency of greatness? So what would be some of you some advice that you would give because you’ve worked with a lot of people, you know, you’ve taken them from here to here, and I don’t want to talk about in business, I want to talk about life, fulfillment, happiness, that’s the goal, right? So you have some steps to mastery of doing that. So let’s talk a little bit about that.


Sherry Gideons  9:22 

Well, part of it is is to really get clear about where a person is first in themselves, because if a person is in, you know, fear, and they’re struggling to get out of worry, or they’re in resentment, you know, what I would call slower vibrations.


Lisa Patrick  9:41 



Sherry Gideons  9:42 

And, and, and really, it’s first to identify, you know, we create a list, and we identify, on the page, what some of those things are happening on a regular basis inside of you. You know, whether it’s self worth issues or what have you, you have to be willing to get Clear and take accountability for what’s going on in yourself. And a lot of times unless you sit down and write those down, you’re unaware unconscious of some of those states of being. The other is to identify all the things you like about yourself, what are the really true qualities of you? And how would you want to be that more? You know, if it was a perfect world and a perfect you? How would that you be? If it was already true? Now? It takes clarity first.


Lisa Patrick  10:33 

Yeah, yeah. But I was speaking with a good friend of mine yesterday, and we were just talking about getting that clarity about, you know, what your story that you’re telling yourself versus the reality of the situation, right. And we, we craft our own stories, and lots of times those stories, I mean, I know I’m guilty of this all the time, and I have to take a step back and think, Okay, wait a minute, is this the story I’m telling myself? Or is this the reality of the situation? And and it’s tough to do sometimes, because you can’t, you know, emotions get involved? And how do you filter through to find that right? frequency, that vibration? That makes the most sense? So what are some ways of doing that? Sure. Like, we know, give me some advice on how do I try to filter that friend or that right, vibration?


Sherry Gideons  11:23 

Mm hmm.


Sherry Gideons  11:24 

Well, you know, like anything else, when you’re living in the now let’s go back to the now and not letting things take root in your mind? It starts when it shows up. See, we our mind is like an operating system and a computer. Yep. And what happens when viruses come into a computer,

and they duplicate, duplicate, and before you know it, it’s bogged down, you’re not getting out on the information highway, like you used to fast and quick. So the key here is to stop it in its tracks. But it starts going back to the beginning. It starts with the desire, you have to have a desire in yourself first, to grow and be this person that you actually came here to be. And so one of the things that I do is, if anything shows up, oh, you know, why is that person not calling me back? What was that tone that person used with me was not rating or what have you. And instead of going there in that moment, and reacting from the same vibration that’s showing up, because here’s a key real quick.


When we react from a slower vibration, anything that doesn’t feel good. If we react from that same slow vibration of negativity, guess what, we get more of that we attract more of that, because we’re pulling to us what we are. So if we’re from that frequency of slower vibrations, what’s showing up in the now is mirroring to us more of that.


Sherry Gideons  13:03 

So what I do is, I imagine blue light coming from my lower belly button. That’s called what I call Christ Consciousness energy. Okay, what we want is this blue energy like an arrow to come all the way up to our crown and hold it in our crown, this energy, this beautiful blue energy. So instead, what happens is the blue energies coming up here comes a slower thought, not good enough, not worthy, I’m pissed off, I’m mad, I’m angry. That’s bringing energy. And that green energy wants to stop that blue energy from coming up to the crown. And it wants to curve back down to our root chakra, which is all physical world energy, that we’re we’re energy. And what I do is, I say, I know your real name. This is the green energy. I know your real name. If it’s a person, place or thing.


I see it in front of me. I know your real name. You are love, return to your original position. I’m telling the blue energy go back upward. Yeah, return to your original position.


Lisa Patrick


I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you, thank you, you know, sharing of goosebumps and until I have goosebumps because until I met you, there’s only ever been one other person in my life that talks about the chakra and energies and crystals and, and you know, vibrations and this whole world of really understanding this spirituality as well. is so fascinating to me. And and that’s why really, today was the day that I I think that the role the line that we should have met and when we talked Behind the scenes, you told me something about some work that you’re doing with Dr. Joe. Let’s, let’s talk a little bit about that. Can you explain who’s Dr. Joe? What’s his mission and how are you working with him so people get an understanding of what’s happening in your world.


Sherry Gideons  15:17 

Okay, so his name is accurate, actually, Dr. Jeffrey fan and Dr. Dollar Man was the scientist with Dr. Joe dispenza. Okay, and so, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, what he does is he does, he registers our chakras. And so we all put out energy, we are all what we call particles of white light.


Lisa Patrick  15:44 

So I just want to interrupt so for those who don’t know what a chakra is, can you explain what chakra is. So we all have an energy system and the chakras that start from our lower where we would call in our pubic bone or at the base of our sacrum, which is lower base of our back and that is the root chakra. If you pull the energy up, it goes to the sacral chakra, okay, which is right below the belly button above the belly button is the solar plexus, right at the heart is energy. Now this is all energy that is free flowing. And if it is not free flowing, it’s stuck and closed off based on the states of consciousness and the feeling emotional states were being from. So moving up to the heart chakra, it goes to the throat chakra, the third eye, and the crown chakra.


There’s other things that come into play with all of this, like the thalamus gland, which is right here at the base of the back of the neck. And a lot of that plays a role with our cellular system and what’s going on in our cellular system. But getting back to what Dr. Jeffrey Fanon does, what he does, is he registers we’re all putting out energy through our whole body, and we put out energy through our fingers. So he has this really, really powerful expensive equipment that registers from each one of our fingers, the energy now, then what he does is he has a whole mapping system that has these electronical waves. And he does three different tests. And these tests are one he has read from a book that is, you know, a study of scientific study, he is able to determine, you know, are you focused? Is information fragmenting from the front of your frontal lobe to the back of your brain? Are you distributing information from the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere? But what does this tell him?


Sherry Gideons  17:46 

What it tells him Is it tells him one, what your vibrational system is showing right now, where you’re at in yourself, your aura, you know, what kind of energy are you putting out into the field, which is what we could call The Universe we could call Infinite Intelligence. And basically, it’s showing what you’re vibrating and what you’re putting out frequency wise into the field. But then what it also does is it shows you where your chakras are, and I’ll give you an example of myself. Okay, should my root chakra was perfect, my next chakra, it showed my sacral was over to the left. What does that mean? That means about me as I’m a Go, go, go go go or I’m, I’m a shaker. I’m a mover. But I give away all my energy in that area. But it moves up to the next chakra is of my self, it shows that I’m highly gifted, very telepathic, that I’m extremely intuitive that I you know, have all these spiritual gifts. Yeah. But here’s the thing. We don’t really have to do anything. We are one with this infinite intelligence, we can call it God. We can call it our higher power, we can call it the universe. But the truth of it is, we’re the same stuff where the pieces of this loving, omnipotent, omnipresent, presence that is everywhere. It’s in and through you and me and all things that exist. So if it is pure love, then you and I are pure, pure love, and we are without nothing.


But here’s the rub. The rub is the love is this. God choice we’ve got. We’ve got volition and guess what if we would just surrender that will flow, everything we were ever meant to be everything we desired. Everything we need, would show up in our moments of moments of today, because we’re being from that trust. We’re being from that awareness. We’re being from that love, abundance, harmony, balance, happiness, joy. Beating from that frequency because guess what? We’re trusting it and allowing it to take care of the how.


Lisa Patrick  20:08 

Yeah, yeah. Well, and it’s what I call like being an eligible receiver. Right? You you’ve situated yourself to be an eligible receiver of the gifts that are being given to you, right? Mm hmm.


Sherry Gideons  20:21 

yeah. And you know what, and here’s the real, here’s the real gift, everyone. You deserve it. I deserve it. Lisa deserves it. We are without nothing. But if we believe we are nothing, and we believe we don’t have enough, then once again, what’s showing up in our now environment is a mirror of what we believe and what we’re building from.


Lisa Patrick  20:45 

Yeah, yeah. It’s those healthy affirmations of, you know, telling ourselves that, you know, we deserve that we are chosen that we are, you know, depending on who you are, that we are beautiful, or we are gifted, or we have something to share. You know, we are loved. You know, we love our children, our children love us, right. Like it’s telling those things to ourselves all day long, right?


Sherry Gideons  21:08 

Yeah. And just like I said, you know, it takes awareness and pockets, I call him baby pockets of time, because you have to realize it’s taken me 23 years to get to where I am right now. But let me just say that it’s a work in progress.


Sherry Gideons  21:24 

It’s a work in progress. But just to show you what’s possible, is in 2004, now I had the near death, the first near death in 1997, and was shown what every single one of us is capable of fast forward to 2004. Now let me just say, Listen, I’ve experienced adversity beyond belief. I’ve walked homeless on the streets twice. I’ve been married, divorced, drug addicted, bulimic anorexic had money, lost money, pro bodybuilder, lived with the Italian Mafia in Las Vegas. And I don’t say this, you know, to make you feel sorry for me, I say this, because I want you to realize that I walked in those shoes of pain and suffering and sacrifice and uncertainty. But as I surrendered and began to apply these universal principles, then guess what, my life changed. And so fast forward to 2004. And I’m pregnant with twins right before 40. And about I was the fittest patient my doctor had ever had. And he said to me, he says, My God, you’re so healthy, or this or that about two weeks before delivery. I blew up like a tomato where you could have stuck a pin in me and I would have exploded to get out of the blue. Well, they ran every test on the book. And they said that it was not toxemia. It wasn’t preeclampsia, because if that were the case, I would have demonstrated that early in the pregnancy. So it went ahead and they determined that one of the twins was had attached to my waist, which they call a site insertion. And so I did said okay, C section, let’s deliver c section and so I delivered a month early. And my baby one of the babies was born without a throat. She was born with what we call Hemi vertebrae is we all naturally have full vertebrae. So my daughter was born with half in her shoulders, and half in her lower lumbar. She was born with what’s called double hernias. And so of course, they medivac her to do a throat reconstruction. Now I want to talk about a couple things here that we all can use. One is, when we talk about affirmations, there’s even a more powerful way to declare with our Word, a vibrational frequency, and that’s what I call prayer treatment. It’s like an affirmation happening is you’re aligning with this frequency of oneness, this frequency of God, which is pure love, there’s no separation between you and it. So my child was going into surgery, and they were giving us the worst case scenario. Instead of looking at the appearance of illness and dis ease in her. I only saw wholeness. So I use my word I declared first that there was one source one power when infinite intelligence that life lives through me as me within me as it does with my daughter, Haley. I declare and use my word right here and right now that I only see everything functioning in her body as whole, perfect and complete. Every cell every Oregon is aligned, her throat is attached and she is swallowing and working perfectly in her Divine Self, her divine order.


Sherry Gideons Continues  24:51 

And then what I do is I think I am so grateful for this glorious truth, this wisdom of knowing and as I release this word, I allow it to be so. And so it is. So that’s called prayer treatment. And that’s what I did with my daughter. I never saw disease. I never saw separation. I only saw what about the truth of who she was, I got out of the way of the how. And I spoke my word with the knowing and the expectation that we would get perfect order, perfect life. Perfect being. And that’s exactly what we got. Now with myself. One week later, I go into total cardiac arrest. And, yes, I go into total cardiac arrest. They come back and they say that we don’t know why. Chris, my little duty job is going off here. Last thing I know, did you can control everything in the live pay.


Anyway, they come back and they say that I had a massive heart attack. I’ve got between 32 Yeah, 32 and 37% heart function. I’m going to be on my back for six months waiting for a heart transplant that I that literally, I may never ever exercise again. And before I had this, I will nobody noticed this. Like, I mean, I Wonder Twins. So I was like to go through I mean, you go through 1000 different tests more than an average. And not one doctor, I guess you’re not looking at your heart, but still who should have been indicators.


Now what happened is is they before all of it before the heart attack happened, they had me at the Ronald McDonald charity house. And I had started to develop the pumping and fizzing from my mouth. And my husband got me into outpatient services. And they ran tests, like for six hours from the waist down. They thought that maybe I had a small infection from the C section. They weren’t sure. But they they came back and they said, you know, nothing’s wrong, we can’t find out what’s wrong. So they gave me antibiotics, because they thought, you know, maybe she has a small infection. But um, yeah, fast forward. And here’s the cool thing. Everyone, so had another near death experience in that incident. And in this one, obviously, I went to the light again, and experience I always say they because one of the things that’s so magnificent about when you have a near death experience is you’re surrounded with Ascended Masters, angels, your soul group people, you know, that have been in your family for you know, different lifetimes, that sort of thing. And what they told me was, is they said, Sherry, marine get in, you know, who you are, you know what you’re meant to do. And you need to go back and do that. You need to show the world what’s possible. And so guess what? I’m never acted as if anything was wrong. I told the doctor, I said, You know, I appreciate your diagnosis. But I’ve had another near death experience.


I know what’s possible. I know who I am. And I said to him, I said, I’m going to heal to 100%. Guess what he said, He’s, you’re crazy. He said, You’re crazy. We need to look at this realistically. He said, You’re a very sick woman. He says, you need a heart transplant. And I told him, I said, I’m going to show you what’s possible. And there’s lots of things that I did through this process. But one of the things with the key ingredients to the recipe is, is is I lived in each day and I was being from capital F capital R capital O capital M, from the place that I was already healed. So they said no exercise, guess what? Exercise people way. They, I didn’t let people hold conversations with me about fear or disease or sickness. I own talked about how I was going to demonstrate wholeness, perfect health. Fast forward. Years later, he calls me into the office, he sits me down and he says, you know, you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life. And he says to me, he says, When you first told me what you told me, I thought you were crazy. He says but as I’ve gotten to know you over the last three years, he says as a medical doctor, he says we’re taught to think from you know, what the apply not from science? Yeah, yeah. What happened with his in his relationship with me as he realized that there is a power there It operates within all of us that literally has healed 100% I went from between 32 and 37% heart function to healing to 100%


Lisa Patrick  30:14 

It’s crazy. It’s crazy. Well, you know, we’ve got Shelby on and Louisville Llewellyn on and Riaan I mean, I’m sure that there’s like me thinking like that is the power of the mind. Truly right. Like, and you hear stories of this all the time I knew I knew some of that story because you shared with that, share those stories with me. But I didn’t know this. Like that gives me goosebumps. Because I think there’s a there is a state of power in healing in the mind. And if you allow yourself to succumb, especially, you know, you talk about people who’ve got cancer, you know, I have, you know, I tried for years to get pregnant. And it was funny when I went down with my girlfriend to get actually a friend of mine, not my girlfriend, but a friend of mine, to actually get the eggs implanted. And as we, as we laughed, she said to me, Well, what do you think? And I said, Why? No, I’m pregnant. And she’s like, Well, how do you know that? And I said, Because today was the day of the anniversary of my grandfather’s death. And I know that he was looking over me, right? It’s the power of the mind, I went in there thinking it’s going to happen once and is only ever going to happen once both eggs are going to be fertilized. And my husband and I are going to have twins now. Healthy twins. And throughout that whole pregnancy every single day. I didn’t pray for healthy twins. I actually told myself, the twins are healthy. The twins are healthy every single day I woke up with that thought. And they were healthy, premature, but they were healthy children. So I think the power of the mind plays a key role in in healing, but also in gifting new those new opportunities and possibilities, right?


Sherry Gideons  31:57 

Well, let me explain how that works. And I’ll tell you how it actually I remember I said that we are the same stuff. As God, as our higher power as the universe, we are the same stuff. We’re not separate from us. It isn’t bigger and holer. And, and mightier. We are the same stuff. And we can align with its power in oneness. And so what happens is, we’re all given free will. And so we want to be over here analyzing, rationalizing, scrutinizing the how when we have a desire, and it’s when we get out of the way, it’s when we allow, because think about this for a second, there is an infinite universe, there’s infinite avenues. And opportunities for the How to be delivered. Just like with yourself, you couldn’t have the how happen, you know, where you got pregnant on your own, you had to have eggs inserted into you. But that’s an avenue, a channel and opportunity that will allow you got out of the way and you allowed it and you align with that power inside of you that took care of the how,


Lisa Patrick  33:12 

yeah, yeah. And so how do you know in business, so let’s talk a little bit about business, because you talked, you talked about, and made some notes about, you know, the blue energy, and the real secret is in the now. So for those people who are watching for time, boat life and happiness and greatness, how do you because you are extremely successful, and you have some really crazy things happening in your business right now. And it is because you you get out of the way and you allow the now to happen. But how do you do that in business versus life? And does it look differently? Can you tell us a little more about that?


Sherry Gideons  33:50 

Well, to be honest with you, it really does not look differently, it really comes down to clarity, as well, as you create, I call it a mind map, I love to do mind maps, and I had my mapping program. But ultimately, I put me in the center of the mind map. And then what I do is I create all these different ideas. Okay, so what is Sherry want to do for happiness, joy and travel? What is your going to do for business? So in business? What’s the key ingredient for Sherry? The key ingredient is how can I inspire people? How can I What can I do that allows me to play full out, that allows me one to be myself, but also to help other people create that in their own life since clarity for you, it takes you identifying in yourself, what feels good for you. But, you know, it goes back to the same thing that I’ve been saying numerous times throughout this interview and one is letting go in the moment and just surrendering to you know what comes through you That piece of paper, what feels good for you. And then once you identify and start writing these things down, and you let’s use business to apply it in business. So for myself, I would I’m calling Sherry, what I would call a channeler. So because I live in the now, and I surrender in the now, ideas from what I call The Universe come flooding into Sherry. Yeah.


So, I always have a piece of paper, or I write in my notes on my iPhone, these ideas that through. And so I have, let me just tell you, I have numerous look at this numerous books, you know, that I write all these ideas on, but you got to get them out of your head. Because when we talk about energy and frequency, what happens is you want to be a free flowing spirit you want if you want that energy, like we talked about earlier, to come up all through your chakras, and flow back and forth with ease and grace. And so when we get them out of our head, and we get them onto paper, we can start to identify the areas we’re ready to move in right now. Because it goes back to focus, when we focus our energy in a specific area we’re ready for right now. So let’s use Sherry as an example, for business. What I did recently, is I put everything on a mind map, and identify how everything goes together. And then I asked myself the question,


What am I ready for right now? Well, we’re doing what what I’m ready for right now. I’m ready to impact in a very big way, and get information out in a very big way. But I’m also creating mastermind. I can bring other people into this environment and do that.

Lisa Patrick  36:57 

Yeah, absolutely. Well, and I think it’s important to you know, the power of writing something down. And one releasing it from your mind and allowing it to go into paper. But also the, you know, saying now I’ve written it down, it’s more real than the thought, right? Like, it’s no real, it’s tangible. You can see it, you can feel it, you can touch it. And there’s a power behind that. So we never got to the to the place where we know your time. Both Dr. Jeffrey. And so what are you doing with him?


Sherry Gideons  37:31 

Oh, my gosh, well, so when you want to talk about these deeper things, and how you’re attracting every avenue channel and opportunity in the moment, so I’m just allowing So long story short, out of the blue, there was a posting on Facebook from one of my friends that she was doing some work with Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, and I ended up you know, friend requesting him and messaging me on Facebook and said, hey, you’re local.


Wow, what are the odds of that? Yep. So we set up an appointment to get together. Through the conversation, we discovered that he has been an Abraham junkie. And then from that we just, he he asked the question for three days, who is Sherry Gideons? Yeah, just like we said, you know, and maybe I didn’t say this earlier, the quality of questions you ask yourself, determines the quality of life you live? Because Yeah, as I said earlier, we live in an infinite universe of everything oneness. So he’s asking that question, and the answer came back to him. And it was, I’m going to partner up with Sherry Gideon Sherry.

Lisa Patrick  38:43 

Sherry, were you for three days going around? Who’s Dr. Jeffries? Who’s Dr. Jeffries? What was going through your mind? Well, Dr. Jeffries, who’s asking this question every day, and those three days What was going through your mind?


Unknown Speaker  38:58 

So because I’m so intuitive, I already knew that something was kind of come into existence. I already knew it. And I allowed it when we talk about, you know, taking root in our mind, we can allow the positive, we can allow the fear, we can allow the joy to take root. And so when I’m being from that higher vibration, and letting that take root, I’m pulling into my now moments, everything that is in alignment with me. So that’s called him. So now him and I are creating opportunities for what I was speaking about earlier.


Sherry Gideons  39:38 

For all of you to have it done to you too. We’ve created a new program. It’s going to be released very soon. It’s called moment to moment.



Lisa Patrick

And they can find can they find out about it on your on your website, Sherry?


Sherry Gideons  39:53 

We can actually find out about it on Dr. Jeffrey Fannin’s website, which is So easy. It’s called ThoughtGenius.com.. I’m going to put this in the banner, perfect, perfect. There we go. They can find all about it there. And like I said, You are an individualized human being. And there’s all kinds of feelings and emotions that are going on in each of you daily. This will show you your blood test. It’ll show you what’s going on in your system. It’ll show you if you’re aging rapidly, what your cellular structure is, where your attention span. is. Everything your aura, your chakras, what’s in alignment, what’s out of alignment.

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